English + Science This Summer At Harrow School

Did you know that William Henry Fox Talbot, who is credited as the British inventor of photography, studied at Harrow School? In 1834 he discovered how to make and fix images through the action of light and chemistry on paper. These ‘negatives’ could be used to make multiple prints and this process revolutionised image making.

From astronomy in Harrow School’s famous Rayleigh Observatory, through to zoology, our school farm and everything in between. Selecting Science as your plus option is a ‘Seriously Fun’ combination of using English language to work together on some fascinating science experiments and activities at Harrow School.

This Plus option is available to those age 12-14 years and involves 15 hours of science tuition a week. Students must have a spoken level of English that is upper intermediate or higher (B2 on the Common European Framework, 5+ on IELTS or Cambridge First Certificate).

English Lessons

Students will benefit from up to 17.5 hours of English lessons per week.  Our courses are accredited by the British Council for the teaching of English in the UK and we are a member of Young Learners English UK and English UK.  Lessons help students improve their speaking, listening and pronunciation skills, giving them confidence to communicate more fluently in English. We teach language along with the soft skills that students need for success in modern life, such as teamwork, negotiation, debate, problem solving, presentation and leadership.


Outside the classroom, students practise English with a range of exciting activities. These are designed to use new language skills in social situations while making new friends. We have a full all-inclusive activities programme, so there is never a dull moment on a Harrow School Short Course. Our aim is for every student to try something new on their course.


All courses include lots of top quality excursions where our students can practise the language they have learnt in class. These are all included in the course fees. We will never charge you to attend an excursion, even if it’s a West End theatre show! Each course has a balance of tuition, activities, and excursions to ensure that our students get a taste of life in England, whilst improving their speaking and understanding of everyday English.

You can find more details about activities and excursions we offer in our brochure.  Courses run in July and August.  To book visit our Booking Page.