Teacher Profiles

One-to-one tutorials with a Harrow School Short Courses teacher will help you to improve your speaking and pronunciation so you can communicate more effectively in English. We will provide individual help with the language areas that are most important to you, with friendly and enthusiastic teachers there to give you the encouragement and feedback that you need to succeed.

  • Kirsty Matthews

    Kirsty Matthews has been teaching English for over twenty years and has worked in language schools, universities, colleges of further education and Harrow School. She has a Trinity Diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and a Master’s in Applied Linguistics and English Language Teaching. She enjoys teaching all types of English lessons but has a particular interest in preparing students for English language exams, such as IELTS, CAE, and FCE.

  • Siobhan Kidd

    Siobhan is an English language teacher from Ireland based in Athens, Greece. She has worked for Harrow School Short Courses since 2011 and has taught English for over 25 years. She has been an Oral Examiner for Cambridge ESOL exams for over 20 years and specialises in preparing students for all Cambridge exams including IELTS.

  • Helen Shelton

    Helen has taught children in Romania and children and adults in Spain and London. Helen has worked for Harrow School Short Courses since 2015. She has an undergraduate degree in English and Spanish (with Catalan), a PGCE Secondary Spanish, an MSc in Psychology, and is CELTA-qualified.

  • Sundus Sattar

    Sundus is a CELTA qualified English teacher from London with 5 years teaching experience in the UK, Jordan and Saudi Arabia as well as online. She is a native English speaker and can also speak Bengali and Arabic. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Arabic and Law. She enjoys teaching medical and academic English as well as preparing students for the IELTS exam.

  • Srishti Thapa

    Srishti is a CELTA qualified English language teacher and has been teaching since 2008. She is a native English speaker, currently based in London, but has also taught in many other countries such as Indonesia, Romania, Slovakia and Spain. She has taught General English, Business English and prepared students for the PET, FCE and CAE examinations. She likes teaching students of all ages and all levels, from Beginners to Advanced. She first taught for Harrow School Short Courses in 2019.

  • Belinda Bawden

    Belinda is a CELTA and CELTYL qualified English teacher with over 28 years experience. She was born in the North of England and is currently a teacher mentor at the British Council in Athens, Greece. Belinda enjoys motivating and encouraging her learners individually, online, and in class. She also has a Masters degree in Education and has taught in the UK, Spain and Cairo, Egypt. Belinda first taught for Harrow Short courses in 2018. She specialises in graded readers, learner autonomy and preparing students of all ages for Cambridge examinations, from Starters up to Proficiency.

  • Zoya Kaldramova

    Zoya is an EFL Teacher and a Teacher Trainer. She is both CELTA and DELTA qualified. She has worked with a great variety of students from different parts of the world for more than 15 years. She has worked and lived in Italy, Malaysia, and England, and she’s currently based in Bulgaria. She loves her job because seeing her students’ progress makes her really happy!

  • Lathana Oudanonh

    Lattie is a CELTA qualified and secondary trained teacher with a degree and PGCE in Modern Foreign Languages (French and German). She is from greater London and has worked in France, Germany, China, Switzerland and Italy and is now teaching in the UK. She has taught English to young learners all the way through to adults in a variety of settings and has experience preparing students for Cambridge ESOL exams, IELTS and entrance into UK independent schools. She has taught for Harrow School Short Courses since 2010.

  • Donna Di Paolo

    Donna is a DELTA qualified EFL teacher with 25 years of experience in teaching young learners, teenagers, and adults. She is currently working in a primary school where, as well as supporting children with additional needs, she teaches English as an Additional Language (EAL) to children who do not have English as their first language.

  • Indiana

    Indiana has experience of teaching English in several different countries, including Mexico, Colombia, Spain, and the UK. She is CELTA qualified and has a degree in Hispanic Studies and Drama, and a Masters in Bilingual Education. She enjoys teaching all types of learners from kindergarten to university level and has experience preparing students for the Cambridge exams.