Terms and Conditions

Harrow School Short Courses is a trading name of Harrow School Enterprises Limited registered in England, company number 1617359. Harrow School Enterprises Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Harrow School (‘The School’), registered charity number 310033.

Courses at Harrow School are operated by Harrow School Enterprises.


Places on each course are limited and we advise you to apply as early as possible. Enrolments open in November 2023 and remain open until the end of June 2024 or until all course places are sold.

All Harrow School Short Courses applications and deposit (or full fee) payments must be made online through Flywire (a secure international payment platform) via a payment link. The link will be sent along with the student’s booking approval email. An enrolment is not complete until we have received the deposit or full fee and confirmed the booking in

The initial deposit of £600 per course per student is part of the full fees and not an additional cost. Deposits are required to reserve your course place and are nonrefundable and non-transferable. We require an online deposit payment via Flywire for each course that you book before 26 April 2024. If the application is accepted on or after 26 April 2024, we must receive full payment of fees via Flywire at the time of booking.

Harrow School Short Courses must receive the full balance of fees for all courses by 1st May 2024 to secure the student’s place on the course. If we do not receive full payment by this date, we reserve the right to cancel
the student’s place on the course(s) and we will retain the deposit payment.

It is your responsibility to check before the payment deadline if there are any foreign exchange restrictions in your country and to plan with your bank in advance to ensure we receive payment by the deadline.

If incorrect information is provided in the application (e.g. the age of the student) to Harrow School Short Courses, we may ask the student(s) to leave the course. If this happens, we will not refund the course fees.

Places are held for three working days after we email to accept an application. We will release the place if we do not receive the deposit or full payment within the deadline given in the acceptance email.

The parental consent form including Emergency, Medical and Travel, etc. will be sent via email. This parental consent form must be completed within the deadline given. Any misinformation or withheld information may result in the child being asked to leave the course without refund.

At registration, all students will need to give us their passport. This includes students arriving with their parents or guardians. It is a requirement of the UK Border Agency that we keep passports onsite and securely
stored. We return passports to students at deregistration.

Students studying at the same school will not necessarily stay in the same boarding house, or have activities, lessons or excursions together.

Our boarding houses have either single or twin rooms with the majority being single. Therefore, we cannot guarantee twin accommodation requests. Rooming requests must be submitted via email to summerschool@harrowschool.org.uk before the student’s arrival. We must receive this request from either the agent (on behalf of the individual parents) or directly from the individual parents of both students. No demands for rooming requests will be accepted. We will try our best to accommodate submitted requests, but they are not guaranteed.


Please contact us immediately via written request at summerschool@harrowschool.org.uk if you need to cancel your course (see Liability and Insurance sections).


If you cancel after 1 May 2024, we will retain all fees paid. Depending on the reason for cancellation, you may be covered by the insurance policy which is included automatically in all course bookings after we have received the deposit payment. Please contact us for details of this policy.


Registered bookings that are cancelled cannot be transferred to the next letting season. If your cancellation is due to a visa issue, please see the Student Visas section of our Terms and Conditions.


After a student has registered, you cannot change their name. The name on the application must match the legal name on the student’s current passport.


Students are able to change the course that they are booked onto after payment has been received providing there is space available. There will be an administration fee of £75 for changing course. Please see our cancellation policy.


Senior applicants (12-17 year olds) must confirm their Academic Options (ie English for Analysis and Debate or Projects and Presentations) on the parental consent form.

Airport and Eurostar transfers

Your travel details are a part of the parental consent form and must be completed if you require a transfer or not. We must receive your travel details by the deadline given in the email when the parental consent form is sent.

Harrow School Short Courses always confirms travel details via email. Do not
assume that Harrow School Short Courses has received travel details until you receive an email from us.

You must inform us immediately of any changes to your travel arrangements. We must receive any changes to arrival travel details at least ten working days before the start of the course and any changes to departure travel details at least ten working days before the end of the course. If we do not receive travel details or amended travel details within the ten working days deadline or if we receive changes on the day of the transfer we cannot guarantee a transfer.

We do not run a shuttle service but organise a scheduled transfer from/to our designated airports or St. Pancras railway station (Eurostar only) for students who send us travel details within the deadline given and hold a valid return ticket with a time and date for the transfer scheduled. You cannot arrive with an undated ticket and Harrow School Short Courses cannot book your return ticket. Transfers are normally by car, minibus or coach. We may occasionally use trains or public transport for transfers.

Ensure student’s flights/train tickets are booked within our scheduled arrival and departure transfer times below and to our designated arrival and departure airports/train station


06:00 – 18:00


09:00 – 19:00

Designated Airports/Eurostar:

We offer a complimentary transfer service to/from London Heathrow Airport, London Luton Airport and St Pancras International train station only. We can not accept requests for transfers that do not meet our
travel requirements. If you want to fly into or out of alternative airports, you will need to arrange your own transportation (no transfer) and arrival/departure to or from Harrow School must be within the window specified.

Please contact the Harrow School Short Courses Registration team at summerschool@harrowschool.org.uk if you would like to check your travel arrangements with us before booking.

Please note, we will not provide transfers for students being dropped off at one of our designated airport or Eurostar station by an adult unless the student is booked on a flight or train arriving on that day and has an
approved transfer from HSSC. We will also not provide transfers for students meeting an adult at an airport or St Pancras Eurostar station unless the student is booked on a flight or train leaving that day and during HSSC transfer hours.

A student cannot arrive early and wait for our staff if their arrival is before our transfer window and we cannot leave a student at the airport or train station to wait if the departure is outside our transfer window.

Students who have a scheduled transfer with us will arrive at the airport
approximately three hours before their flight/train departs. We will check in the students and stay with them until we can send them through the security gate and will not release them from our care until this point.

Adults can meet students at the check-in desk, but our staff cannot wait for adults.

Students must pay the cost of excess baggage and Unaccompanied Minor (UM) charges; Harrow School Short Courses is not responsible for these costs. It is the parent’s responsibility to check the airline’s arrangements for the payment of airport departure tax, the maximum luggage allowance or any airline policy which may affect the student’s departure on transfer
day. We provide transfers only for students booked on our courses.

Students attending Harrow School who do not require a transfer must arrive at the school with a parent or an authorised adult between 2pm and 5pm and depart with a parent or an authorised adult between 9am and 1pm. Please note, you may not be able to check into your bedroom before 2pm.

If a student is collected by an adult who is not the parent or legal guardian, the parent or legal guardian must first complete an authorisation form in advance, giving us the name of the adult no later than 48 hours before the student’s departure date. All adults must show photographic ID (passport) to Harrow School Short Courses staff and sign the student release form before
we release the student into their care. The authorised adult’s name (the person scheduled to collect the student) must match the legal name on the passport. As a part of our Safeguarding and Pastoral care, we will need advance notice of any changes to the authorised adult before we can
release the student.

Visitors to the course

Any relative or friend who wants to take a student out during the course must ask for the permission of the Centre Director or their delegate at least 48 hours in advance. We require students to attend all of their lessons.


If the visitor is not the parent or guardian of the student, we must receive an authorisation letter from the parent or guardian at least 48 hours in advance. The visitor must show photographic identification (passport) to Harrow School Short Courses staff before we release the student into their care.


All students are required to be signed out and signed back into Harrow School Short Courses’ care by the parent, guardian or authorised visitor.


Parents or guardians are welcome to accompany students to their boarding house on arrival day but are not allowed into boarding houses bedrooms during the course or on collection. Parents, relatives and friends of students  are warmly invited to attend the awards ceremony held at the end of the course.

Student visas

Harrow School Short Courses cannot provide visa advice so please visit: https://www.gov.uk/standard-visitor-visa/if-youre-under-18 or you can contact EnglishUK or your local visa office. Some nationalities will require student visas, and obtaining a visa is the responsibility of the client.


Harrow School Short Courses can provide students with a letter of acceptance and visa support letter (for the registered student only) on receipt of the deposit payment.

Should a visa be rejected by the Entry Clearance Officer, and the client has followed all the correct procedures, the following refund policy applies: If a visa application is rejected and we receive written evidence at least six weeks before the start of the course, we will refund the fees received in full, less an administration fee of £350.


If written evidence of a visa refusal is received less than four weeks prior to the start of the course, then the refund will be paid less the administration fee of £350 and the non-refundable deposit paid at the time of booking. Where we receive this evidence, the refund will be paid back to you within four weeks of you providing us with bank details and written authorisation of the requested refund due to a visa refusal.  Please note, in order to mitigate fraud and money-laundering risk, all payments received via Flywire will be refunded to your original payment method through Flywire. With all visa refusals, original written documentation issued by the Entry Clearance Officer must be provided to Harrow School Short Courses to qualify for any refund.


Harrow School Short Courses will not refund a client should the reasons for refusal be related to insufficient, incorrect or false documentation. Harrow School Short Courses will not refund a client should the client not have applied with sufficient time for the visa to be approved. We strongly recommend clients apply at least three months prior to the start date of the course.


Harrow School Short Courses and The School has public liability insurance. Any liability of Harrow School Short Courses or of The School to the student, parent or guardian, in respect of which Harrow School Short Courses or The School has insurance cover, shall be limited to the amount of such cover and any such liability.

Nothing in these terms and conditions shall operate to exclude any liability of Harrow School Short Courses or The School for personal injury or death caused by negligence of Harrow School Short Courses or The School or our respective servants and agents.

It is a condition of the contract between Harrow School Short Courses, The School and the student or their parent or guardian, that Harrow School Short Courses and The School is not in any way liable to the student or the parent or guardian in the event that any service contracted to be supplied by Harrow School Short Courses or The School becomes impossible to supply, due to reasons outside of our control.


Harrow School Short Courses provides insurance cover as part of your enrolment. This is designed to meet the needs of our students coming on courses in the UK. There is no extra charge for this cover. Your cover starts automatically when we receive your deposit payment. Please contact the Harrow School Short Courses registration team for full policy terms and conditions.


The insurance is arranged by Ortus Underwriting Ltd via One Broker (GDIS) Ltd. Both entities are subject to regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK.


If there are costs involved in the medical treatment of a student, you must pay these costs initially. If you want to claim for these costs, you must do so directly with the insurers.

Passport, tickets and pocket money

Students must submit their passport and travel ticket at registration on arrival at the school. These documents will be kept securely throughout the course.


Pocket money can be handed in at the start of the course. Our insurance policy covers for loss of cash of up to £250 only.  We recommend that you purchase a debit card or a credit card for use in the UK. You can then add extra pocket money if required.


Any additional pocket money transferred to Harrow School Short Courses by bank or credit/debit card while the student is on a course will incur an administration fee of £30 per transaction.


Harrow School Short Courses will not lend or advance pocket money to any student.

Course rules

Students must arrive on the day their course begins and leave the day their course ends.


Students must be on time for all meals, classes, activities and excursions on the schedule.


Students must keep their rooms tidy and make their own beds.


Students must pay for any damage to property, equipment or rooms.


No student of any age is allowed to drink or have alcohol.


Any student who takes or has illegal drugs will be required to leave the course immediately. Students cannot smoke or vape at any time. If we find evidence of smoking/vaping in a building, that student will leave the course immediately.

Students must be in their rooms and quiet at the time given by the House Parent (or their delegate).

Students must turn off their mobile phones during all lessons and scheduled activities.

Student who leave their course early (i.e. who do not complete 90% of their course) will not receive an academic report or certificate of completion.

Students who do not follow the course rules or who repeatedly misbehave or do not follow the instructions of the course staff or otherwise disrupt the smooth running of the course will be asked to leave the School and the course immediately at their own expense. No part of the course fee will be refunded. Parents or guardians must collect a student or arrange a flight within 24 hours of notification of a student’s withdrawal from a course. For any additional day an expelled student remains on site there will be a £400 supervision charge per day.