Harrow School Summer School students at Heathrow Airport AIRPORT/EUROSTAR

Airport Transfers

Airport transfers (detailed below) are included in the course fee and valid for the arrival and departure day of the course that the student has registered for.

Included in fees

Airport transfers on the course arrival and departure days are included in all Harrow School Short Courses fees and will be organised for all students who request it, provided they are in possession of a valid return ticket completed with a time and date. It is not possible to join with an undated ticket and Harrow School Short Courses is not responsible for booking or providing return tickets.

Our uniformed staff will meet students arriving at a UK airport on a flight and accompany them to their destination school. We will collect any children travelling as Unaccompanied Minors directly from their airline representatives. An Unaccompanied Minor is where you have paid the airline to escort your child from their home country to the United Kingdom.

We will organise a scheduled transfer from/to our designated airports or St. Pancras railway station (Eurostar only) for students who send us travel details within the deadline given and hold a valid return ticket with a time and date. You cannot arrive with an undated ticket and Harrow School Short Courses cannot book your return ticket.

We only organise scheduled airport (and Eurostar) transfers for our students to and from the airports or train station shown in the table below. Transfers are normally by car, minibus or coach. We may occasionally use trains or public transport for transfers. We do not run a shuttle service.

Arrival and departure times are as follows:

Harrow School

Arrival: 6am – 6pm

Depart: 9am – 7pm

Terminals included in fee and travel time to school

St Pancras Station (EuroStar only) (45 mins)

Heathrow Airport (45 mins)

Luton Airport (50 mins)

Please contact the Harrow School Short Courses Registration team if you would like to check your travel arrangements with us before booking (summerschool@harrowschool.org.uk). Please note, students cannot arrive early and wait for our staff if their arrival is before our time transfer window and we cannot leave students at the airport or train station to wait if the departure is after our time transfer window.

If we have confirmed a transfer outside of our advertised arrival and departure times, there will be a fee per transfer of £165, per journey, per student.


Terms and conditions of travel:

  • Arrivals are between 6am and 6pm
  • Group arrivals of over 15 students must arrive between 8am and 2pm
  • Departures must be organised between 9am and 7pm
  • Any arrival outside of the arrival and departure window on the actual transfer day will incur an additional charge of £165 at the discretion of Harrow School Short Courses
  • We cannot accept requests for student transfers that do not meet our travel requirements. If the student must fly into or out of alternative airports, you will need to arrange alternative transportation for the student to or from Harrow School within the window specified.
  • It is essential that Harrow School Short Courses is kept informed of any changes to the student’s travel arrangements. Students must not assume that Harrow School Short Courses has received details of changes until they are acknowledged by us in writing
  • Harrow School Short Courses always confirms travel details
  • Airport transfers will be either by car, minibus or coach. Trains or public transport may be used at our discretion
  • Any student not requiring a transfer to an approved airport at the end of the course must be accompanied from the school by an authorised adult. A child will not be permitted to leave the course unattended
  • Due to data protection, the Harrow School Short Courses team cannot provide personal details other than full name and job title for Unaccompanied Minor bookings, airlines are welcome to contact us directly to confirm collection names
  • It is recommended to contact Harrow School Short Courses before booking students flights for compliance to the above terms