Student Comfort

Accommodation facts

  • Senior girls and boys are accommodated in separate boarding houses. Junior boys and girls (9-11) are in the same boarding house but split by floors.
  • The Houses are securely locked at all times and only the students and members of staff have access
  • Each room has a safe for valuables
  • The Houses have single or twin bedrooms, which are not locked due to Health & Safety regulations
  • In each boarding house, there is a senior member of staff who looks after the students in the evenings and is on duty throughout the night
  • There are plenty of private shower facilities and bathrooms located throughout the boarding houses
  • Each House has at least one TV room and usually there is a games room for table tennis etc
  • Students’ clothes are cleaned in the laundry once a week. All bed linen is provided and is laundered once a week
  • One towel is provided

If you are travelling with a friend, please state on your application if you would like to share a room. We cannot guarantee students will share a room, but we will do our best to try and accommodate your request.

Click here for further details of the Harrow School Boarding Houses.