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Super Curriculum

The Harrow School Short Courses Super Curriculum opens a Harrow School education to students across the world through a series of short courses, held mainly in the summer holidays.

Do you want to learn all about the cosmos? Or maybe you want to be a world renowned actor one day? Do you see your future in business and economics and want experience from challenges that real world business face? Maybe you’re looking for a music teacher to perfect your skills? We have something to suit your needs!

Students can join these programmes from the UK or overseas. All we request is that your English level meets the minimum for the course selected, this is usually upper intermediate. A MacMillan Campus language test will be provided for a small fee for those who require it.

We are here to help, for a free consultation to help select your students perfect super curriculum, call our team on 020 8872 8071 or e-mail

Learning English and Science in the summer at Harrow School

Science Camp

Drama Summer Camp

Drama Camp

Learning piano at Harrow School

Music Lessons

English and Coding camp in the summer holidays

Business Elective


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