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What is the aim of the courses?

Our aim is to give the students exposure to exam style questions, fill in gaps in their knowledge and help them to improve their revision and exam techniques.

Who are the courses suitable for?

GCSE and IGCSE courses: are suitable for students in their final year of GCSE and IGCSE courses, usually students studying in Year 11. A Level courses are suitable for students in the final year of the A Levels, usually Year 13.

Please speak to our team for more information on courses available to students in year 10 and 12,

Do I need a course if I’m predicted a good grade?

Revision and tuition courses are not just for students who are struggling with a subject. Our courses are taken by students who wish to ensure they get their predicted grade or even wish to increase it. Students predicted A* often come on our courses. The courses aim to consolidate a student’s knowledge, so that students have extra confidence when it comes to taking their 2021 mock exams and for teacher assessments. The courses are designed to make the best of the revision time available over school holidays.

How much can I expect to improve?

The courses are for tuition and revision. If you have minor gaps in your knowledge, or areas you have covered already but have forgotten or not understood very well, the courses will help. We undertake a needs analysis to ensure the course is tailored to your needs. Grades are clearly also affected by the amount of revision each student does after the courses and by their actual performance during the internal school exams and teacher assessments for 2021, or summer exams for IGCSE students.

What will I do during the course?

Each course is different but you can expect to get through a lot of practice exam questions. There will also be opportunities to ask the tutor for help with any queries you have.

What tier are the GCSE courses suitable for?

All the courses are designed for students aiming for grades 4-9. One-to-one bespoke courses may be helpful to students on the lower tier. Please contact for more information and to enquire on the course content or bespoke study plans.

How many subjects can I study?

Students can study a maximum of two subjects per week, courses are broken down into two hour sessions over five days.

How many students are there in a class?

For GCSE/IGCSE subjects there is a maximum of eight students per class. For A Level subjects, the maximum is six students.

We believe that a class size smaller than the usual school class size is beneficial to allow students time to ask questions and gain confidence through receiving more individual attention and reduce online fatigue.

If I am unable to attend a session or if I come late, what will I miss?

If students are not able to attend, we require 24 hours notice to enable possible alternative date and time options.

If a student arrives more than five minutes late, they will forfeit their place on the online course due to disruption to the wider class.

Is there homework?

Yes, students are set additional work for self study.

If I miss a day/morning, can I have a reduction on fees?

No, this is not possible and we strongly recommend that you do not miss any part of the course.

Who are the teachers?

Some are from Harrow School and The John Lyon School (The John Lyon School is part of the same foundation as Harrow School). Others come from other reputable schools such as Radley College, Merchant Taylors’ School and Roedean School. All are selected by the same academic criteria as permanent Harrow School staff.

Why are they not all from Harrow School?

It is necessary to employ teachers from outside Harrow School in order to cover the broad range of boards and specifications on offer – most schools only offer one board per subject. Many of the staff have taught with us for many years. Some of the tutors are also national examiners. The Director of Studies, who oversees the academic quality of the courses, is a senior full-time Harrow School teacher.

Can I book a place over the phone?

You can reserve a place for up to two working days over the phone. However, we cannot guarantee a place until we have received a booking submitted online. After two working days, we will release the place.

How do you prevent the spread of Covid-19 on the School site?

As part of a full time School we have extensive procedures in place to keep students safe while on the school site, this incudes Harrow School’s HATS policy:

  • Hands – regular hand washing; using hand sanitiser routinely; coughing or sneezing into an elbow and not into hands
  • Air – keeping rooms and buildings well ventilated with fresh air, even during the colder weather
  • Testing – twice-weekly testing for all, including registering the result online
  • Surfaces – enhanced cleaning protocols across the School; keeping desks, Surface Books, etc., clean

These arrangements continue to apply to parents and other visitors to the School; we also request that all visitors to the School take a Lateral Flow Test before travelling to the Hill and refrain from coming to School if experiencing any of the symptoms of Covid-19.


Additional guidelines for the summer school will be added inline with the latest guidance before students attend their course.