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Fred Sugarman-Warner teaches English at Harrow. He has previously taught at the Manchester Grammar School and at Winchester College. Before becoming a teacher, he ran a tutoring agency and educational consultancy in London, part of a group with offices in France, Dubai, Moscow, Hong Kong, and Seoul. In addition to working with families and individuals in this time, he also carried out work with the OSCE on implementing anti-hate curricula across 57 member states.

Fred’s experience gives him insight into the crucial differences, and the useful interplay, between teaching and targeted revision and extra-curricular learning. Confidence in the information required in any school subject, and the skills to marshal this effectively, is the key factor in pushing grades up into the next boundary and growing an interest in subjects that will last a lifetime!

Who teaches at Harrow School’s Super Curriculum Courses?

Teachers are from Harrow School and The John Lyon School (The John Lyon School is part of the same foundation as Harrow School). Others are third parties used by the full-time school and vetted in line with our stringent recruitment procedures.

Do you have a question about finding the perfect course for your child? Speak to our Short Courses advisor, Kim Tootill, to request further information, explore the option of tailor made one-to-one courses, or to find out more about future  group course fees and dates.

Kim has worked for Harrow School Enterprises for 11 years and has managed courses for seven of these, building up a bank of knowledge about the UK Curriculum used in schools for GCSE, IGCSE and A-Level and extra curricular subjects.

Kim enjoys corresponding with parents and students about individual requirements and matches these to our offerings each year, undertaking a thorough needs analysis for every student.

Kim is also the first point of contact for the Lumina Course at Harrow School, which is an Oxbridge preparation programme and she is the Operations Coordinator for our summer short course programme, teaching hundreds of children from around the world English through residential activity camps.