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Work for us – FAQs

Is there a deadline for applications?

Activities, Pastoral and Office Staff:

We offer a rolling recruitment for these positions, focused around two assessment days. The next assessment days are Wednesday 7 April 2021 & Wednesday 14 April 2021. There is no fixed closing date for applications for these roles but we will stop accepting new applicants when all the positions at the assessment days are full. Please apply early!

EFL Teachers: Applications from teachers are invited throughout the year, although available positions may be limited after January when returning teachers are allocated courses. New teachers are interviewed for positions from February 2021 onwards.

What is the interview process?

New applicants for activities and office staff (non-management and pastoral) positions are required to attend an assessment day at Harrow School. This will include group tasks and individual interviews. We will then contact all candidates, whether successful or not, within four weeks of their assessment centre. Applicants will be given a choice of day for their assessment centre at the time of their application process.
Due to the nature of the roles, senior positions are predominantly filled by experienced returning Harrow School Short Courses staff. Where required, interviews will be held on an ad hoc basis.
EFL Teachers are interviewed at Harrow School on an ad hoc basis by the Academic Principal. It is usually possible to arrange online interviews for candidates living overseas.
You should wear smart-casual clothing to assessment centre/interview.
As part of the recruitment process, you will need to bring original’s of all the ID documentation requested. If attending an online interview, you will be asked to show your original ID documents to the interviewer via the webcam. You must scan/email these to the interviewer beforehand, as requested.

If I am successful at interview, when will I receive my contract?

Activities, pastoral and office staff contracts are sent out from late February for returning staff, and by the end of May for new staff. EFL contracts are sent out to returning teachers working on international courses from February. New EFL staff are issued with contracts on being offered a position. All contracts are based on achieving predicated student numbers, and could be cancelled due to external circumstances beyond our control.

Am I allowed to be away from the school during the course of my employment?

Activities Staff are entitled to paid holiday and time off each week; this is detailed in the job description. Due to the complexity of the staff schedule it is not possible for staff to choose their days off and this will be done in advance by senior management. If you have an important prior engagement (e.g. a wedding) please let us know as soon as possible and we will try to accommodate your request.

EFL teachers are free to be away from the school when they are not required in the classroom or for other duties (e.g. attendance at Awards Ceremonies). Requests for days off can be submitted in advance of allocation of contracts, but if an EFL teacher is unavailable on a day in a course when there are scheduled lessons, it is unlikely they will be offered a position on that course.

Is accommodation available?

We offer accommodation to all staff free of charge. Activities Staff are required to assist the House Parent with residential duties overnight on occasion (for additional pay) EFL Teachers do not perform residential duties overnight and are not obliged to take up accommodation, but it is available if required. Accommodation is provided in one or more of the school’s Boarding Houses. It is not usually possible to accommodate staff in a separate Boarding House from the students. Staff are all provided with single rooms which are not lockable; there is a safe in each room for valuables. There are shared staff-only bathroom facilities. All Boarding House accommodation has a strict no-guest, no-smoking and no-alcohol policy.  Linen is provided but not towels.

When should I arrive?

Activities Staff are required to arrive on site on the evening (preferably between 1700 – 1800) before their contract commences in order to be briefed on their duties for the following day.

EFL staff are required to arrive on site in good time to attend their induction session. Accommodation is available from the night before your induction if required.

It is sometimes possible to accommodate staff earlier than this if requested in advance.

Until when will my accommodation be available?

You will be asked to vacate your room on the day after your contract has finished.  It may be possible to accommodate you for a further night if requested in advance.

What about meals?

We provide three meals per day for all staff, free of charge.

When and how will I be paid?

You will be paid on the last Friday of July, and/or August and/or September, depending on the dates of your employment, via the PAYE scheme. Payment is made by bank transfer. It is not possible to pay staff in advance, or by cash. For staff living oversees we pay in GBP Sterling via Western Union directly into your overseas bank.

Pay rates

Each position has a salary scale. Please see individual Job Descriptions.
New Activities Staff, pastoral and managerial staff usually start on the first point.
Returning Staff will receive a salary uplift each year they are awarded a contract. Further uplifts may be considered depending on appraisal results.
There is an EFL Teacher pay scale with points awarded based on qualifications, experience and loyalty to Harrow Summer School.

Is there a laundry service?

The School laundry washes clothes, bed linen and towels for students and staff once per week, free of charge. There is also a staff washing machine that can be booked for ad hoc laundry.

What is the reporting structure?

Activities Staff report to Activities Leaders, who in turn report to the Activities Managers, and in turn the Centre Director. House Parents report to the Pastoral Manager, who reports to the Centre Director. Office Staff report to the Senior Operations Manager. All activities, pastoral and course office staff ultimately report to the Senior Operations Manager and Business Director of Harrow School Enterprises Limited.

EFL Teachers, the EFL Administrator and Assistant Directors of Studies report to the Director of Studies and ultimately to the Academic Principal and Business Director of Harrow School Enterprises Limited.

Do I have to follow any kind of syllabus (EFL teachers only)?

Harrow School Short Courses provides an outline of the topics and language which are to be covered for each level. Teachers are responsible for the detailed planning of their lessons, although resources, support and guidance are available from the Director of Studies. Course books are available should teachers wish to use them, but we ask teachers to select and adapt course book material to suit the individuals in their class and to use a range of materials from our extensive resources, as well as the internet, television and music resources. If a teacher prefers not to use a course book they may give their class an alternative to take home such as a reader or dictionary.

Do I need to apply for a DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) check?

You have to undergo an Enhanced Disclosure & Barring Service check if you have lived in the UK for 90 days or more since turning 16. Harrow School Enterprises Limited (HSEL) will send off the application on your behalf and will make payment for all new staff.

You are then strongly advised to also join the DBS online Update Service, which keeps your DBS valid year on year. On proof of receipt, HSEL will reimburse you for this annual subscription.

HSEL will continue to reimburse subsequent subscriptions for returning staff.

However, if a returning staff’s membership lapses, a new DBS Application will need to be applied for and the staff member will be liable for costs. Proof of Identity (original documents – hard copies) will need to be seen.

Staff living outside of the UK for 90 or more consecutive days in the past five years, will need to obtain the DBS equivalent from each country.

Please note, the Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) has replaced the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB).

Is there a chance for professional development over the summer?

Everyone will attend training or induction sessions, which includes basic First Aid training.
For EFL Teachers, there is a programme of weekly professional development seminars throughout the summer led by external speakers and experienced members of the teaching and management team. There is a friendly, collaborative atmosphere in the resource room and the opportunity for peer observation.
Experienced Activities Staff will sometimes have the option to ‘step up’ to Activities Leader, to cover days off. They will be fully briefed beforehand and given responsibility of the group.
Likewise, Activities Leaders will sometimes be able to cover House Parents night time duties.

Everyone MUST complete an online pre-employment Safeguarding session.

What checks will I have to undergo before employment?

Harrow School Short Courses staff have significant access to students under 18, therefore our employment process follows strict safeguarding guidelines. Applicants will be given full details if successful, but should be aware of the following checks that will be completed:

  1. Reference requests will ask specifically whether there is any reason that you should not be engaged in situations where you have responsibility for, or substantial access to, persons under 18
  2. All gaps in CVs must be explained satisfactorily
  3. Proof of identity (original ID documents – hard copies) must be shown
  4. Certificates/qualifications (where applicable) must be provided
  5. An enhanced Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) check must be provided
  6. An Overseas DBS equivalent for staff living/have lived outside of the UK for 90 or more consecutive days in the past 5 years, must be provided
  7. A TRN check will be carried out, where applicable
  8. A Barring List Check will be carried out
  9. Right to Work in the UK check will be carried out
  10. An EEA check will be carried out, where applicable