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Summer Courses 2022

Harrow School

Harrow Juniors

Junior programmes are for students aged 9 – 11 and follow our flagship English + Activity course structure, but all English lessons are aligned to themed activities and excursions, so that students will practise using English in real life situations. Themes for 2022 include British Culture & History, Our Natural Environment, Music & Drama and Technology & Innovation.

The students are grouped in to team colours for activities, excursions and competitions, creating a fun competition environment promoting the use of communicating in English at all times.

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CourseNo. of NightsArrival DayDeparture DayAgeGenderHours of English TuitionCourse FeePlus OptionCourse Code
Harrow School Juniors (9-11)1308-Jul21-Jul9 - 11Mixed30£3,200English + Activity, ScienceHSS 2A
2608-Jul03-Aug9 - 11Mixed60£6,400English + Activity, ScienceHSS 2A + 4A
1321-Jul03-Aug9 - 11Mixed30£3,200English + ActivityHSS 4A

Harrow Seniors

Not every student has the same objectives for studying at a summer school, so our senior programmes are completely tailored to individual student needs. Senior programmes are for 12 – 17 year olds and follow our flagship English + Activity course structure, but with the added bonus of free of charge PLUS options and academic options.

At the time of booking, students simply select their preferred English subject from; Projects and presentations or English for Analysis and Debate.

Students then select their plus element from; Activities, Tennis, Sciences, Leadership and Drama.

*students on Harrow Seniors courses will be split in to two ages groups (12-14 or 15-17) for English language lessons and some onsite activities.

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CourseNo. of NightsArrival DayDeparture DayAgeGenderHours of English TuitionCourse FeePlus OptionCourse Code
Harrow School Seniors
(12 - 14 )
1308-Jul21-Jul12 - 14Mixed35£3,200English + Activity, Science, TennisHSS 2B
2608-Jul03-Aug12 - 14Mixed70£6,400English + Activity, Science, Tennis, Leadership, HockeyHSS 2B + 4B
1321-Jul03-Aug12 - 14Mixed35£3,200English + Activity, Leadership, HockeyHSS 4B
2621-Jul16-Aug12 - 14Mixed70£6,400English + Activity, Leadership, Hockey, DramaHSS 4B + 6B
1303-Aug16-Aug12 - 14Mixed35£3,200English + Activity, DramaHSS 6B
Harrow School Seniors
(15 - 17)
1308-Jul21-Jul15 - 17Mixed35£3,200English + Activity, Science, TennisHSS 2C
2608-Jul03-Aug15 - 17Mixed70£6,400English + Activity, Science, Tennis, HockeyHSS 2C + 4C
1321-Jul03-Aug15 - 17Mixed35£3,200English + Activity, HockeyHSS 4C
2621-Jul16-Aug15 - 17Mixed70£6,400English + Activity, Hockey, DramaHSS 4C + 6C
1303-Aug16-Aug15 - 17Mixed35£3,200English + Activity, DramaHSS 6C


English for Analysis and Debate

These lessons are perfect for students who want to study at English-medium schools or universities. The aim is for students to develop their ability to understand academic language and express themselves using this language. We focus on how to form and defend your opinions and how to analyse and question the opinion of others. The skills and language covered will be helpful to students who are taking a test for academic purposes such as IELTS or school or university entrance exams. Due to the language content students need to have an intermediate level of English in order to study on this course.

Projects and Presentations

In these lessons students work together to produce a project that is a reminder of their time at Harrow Summer School. They show their completed project to other groups in a presentation session at the end of their course and a winning project is selected for a prize. Projects are student-led, with each project group selecting a manager, deciding on team responsibilities and planning their project timeline. Our teachers are there to help with language and ensure all students are involved and actively learning throughout their project lessons.

Project work helps students develop their communication and language fluency as well as promoting teamwork, time management and presentation. Previous projects winners have included short films, vlogs, drama performances and photo stories. The important thing is for students to enjoy what they are doing, learn and practise new language and to produce something they are proud of.

Plus Options

Multi Activity

Our flagship course and the most popular courses we offer. English + Activity is carefully designed for students who want to improve their English and experience a really interesting combination of activities and excursions, while making new friends from around the world.

English + Science

Students must have a spoken level of English that is intermediate or higher (B2 on the Common European Framework, 5+ on IELTS or Cambridge First Certificate).

From Astronomy in Harrow School’s famous observatory, through to zoology, our school farm and everything in between. Selecting Sciences as your plus option is a ‘Seriously Fun’ combination of using the English language to work together on science experiments and activities! Don’t forget to follow our observatory’s blog pages on Facebook to find out more.

English + Tennis

In selecting tennis as your plus option, you are able to use Harrow School’s state of the art tennis facilities where the first ever Wimbledon champion was produced!

18 hours of tennis will be led in English by qualified and experienced Lawn and Tennis Association (LTA) coaches at a ratio of 1:8 or lower.

Students will be assessed at the beginning of the programme, with a tournament providing an enjoyable final at the end.

Service, ground strokes, volleying and all aspects of positional play will be covered in a well-balanced programme enabling students to develop a greater understanding of tactics and match play.

English + Hockey

New for 2022, English & Hockey is an exciting summer hockey camp delivered by an Olympian, member of Team GB and Harrow School Master, giving children access to the best available hockey coaches in the world. From tackling, to passing and receiving the ball, this course articulates the importance of stick position, body position and foot work, making players think differently and break down the skills, to truly understand how they could improve. Suitable for beginners and advanced players this course includes:

  • Skill Development
  • Tactical understanding
  • Game awareness
  • Video Analysis
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Nutritional Advice
Play hockey London

English + Drama

Drama is a dynamic Plus option offering students insight into a wide range of dramatic genres and forms, as well as helping develop skills in analysis, creativity, empathy and teamwork. Harrow’s rich dramatic tradition and well-resourced Ryan Theatre mean students have the opportunity to develop their skills to a very high level, on the same stages where famous alumni such as Benedict Cumberbatch learnt to act as a boy.

Students will learn skills that are at the heart of communication, expression and storytelling. Topics covered include storytelling, improvisation, scene study, acting, character, physicality, voice and stage combat.

At the end of this course, students will receive a report of effort and participation, along with ideas on techniques to practice when they return home.

English + Leadership

Students must have a spoken level of English that is intermediate or higher (B2 on the Common European Framework, 5+ on IELTS or Cambridge First Certificate).

Confident, ethical and thinking leaders are vitally important in the challenging world we live in. Harrow School’s ‘Leadership’ plus option will give students a wonderful opportunity to learn about the ‘art of leadership’, to help prepare them for the exciting demands in the future.

Using Harrow’s rich and unique experience in helping nurture and develop young leaders, students will be introduced to many of the key elements of leadership, that are so vital in understanding what qualities good leaders need.

Heathfield Summer School

Delivered by Heathfield Summer School

Girls only, aged 8-17

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English + Activity

Heathfield School has been running girls only summer courses for over 40 years, welcoming girls from all over the world on to the British Council Accredited English Language Summer School, the only all girls English course in the UK. International students are joined by girls from the local area and across Britain on the Activities Summer Camp.

English with Style

English with Style has been designed for young ladies to learn more about British life and culture, life-skills, modern manners, wellbeing and style. It aims to raise their self-esteem and to contribute to their personal development in preparation for the adult world.

English with Style runs for one week and must be preceded by one week of General English and Activities. Students must have a spoken level of English that is intermediate or higher (B2 on the Common European Framework, 5+ on IELTS or Cambridge First Certificate).

Themes of the course include:

Fashion, Art & Design

British history and literature

Feminism in the 21st century

The British education system – a guidance session for anyone interested studying in the UK

Cookery – create a traditional English Afternoon Tea

Skin care – skin analysis, facials and light make-up with beauticians from SpaceNK

Well-being evening – yoga and pamper sessions

Team-building – strategies to develop confidence

Sports and the fitness suite

Life Skills & Style

Style and Colour Fashion workshops

Modern manners and skills – for socialising, further education and the workplace

Flower Craft – designing and making floral decorations

Walk Tall – how to make your presence felt

English with Style end-of-course photo session

Dress to Impress disco dance and end of course party

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CourseNo. of NightsArrival DayDeparture DayAgeGenderHours of English TuitionCourse FeePlus OptionCourse Code
Heathfield School
(Accredited by Heathfield Summer School)
(8 - 17)
1409-Jul23-Jul8 - 17Girls30£2,700English + Activity (Girls Only Course)TSS 1AB
2109-Jul30-Jul8 - 17Girls45£4,050English + Activity (Girls Only Course)TSS 2AB
2809-Jul06-Aug8 - 17Girls60£5,400English + Activity (Girls Only Course)TSS 3AB
2116-Jul06-Aug8 - 17Girls45£4,050English + Activity (Girls Only Course)TSS 4AB
1416-Jul30-Jul8 - 17Girls30£2,700English + Activity (Girls Only Course)TSS 5AB
1423-Jul06-Aug8 - 17Girls30£2,700English + Activity (Girls Only Course)TSS 6AB
English with Style
(14 - 17)
1423-Jul06-Aug14 - 17Girls30£3,100English with Style (preceded by English + Activity)TSS 7B
2116-Jul06-Aug14 - 17Girls45£4,450English with Style (preceded by English + Activity)TSS 8B
2809-Jul06-Aug14 - 17Girls60£5,800English with Style (preceded by English + Activity)TSS 9B