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22 JULY to 05 AUGUST


Foundation GYL

Boys and girls, aged 11-13

Foundation GYL is an introduction to debating and the history of the ideas which have shaped the world as we know it today. Experienced teachers guide small classes through lessons on a range of themes designed to help them become more informed, engaged, and global citizens.

It is never too early to start developing confidence as a public speaker, students are introduced to the format used in the World Schools Debating Championships, used by schools across the world, and will learn how to make and justify arguments, even those they don’t agree with. These skills are invaluable for all subjects in high school curriculums across the world. The debating course in Foundation GYL focuses on developing confident, persuasive speaking skills, and developing the use of formal English.

Social sciences lessons form a key part of Foundation GYL, looking at world history; geography; history of science; world religion; sociology; and law. This interdisciplinary approach gives student an overview of the world as we know it, and an increased understanding of their role in it. This is an ideal grounding for the material covered in the critical thinking and PPE courses in GYL and GYL advanced.

Key Features:

  • 15 hours of debating classes per week, including competitive debates in week 2
  • 12 hours of social sciences classes per week
  • 3 hours of sports per week
  • Varied social programme: disco, quiz, talent show
  • Two full day excursions per week, including a tour of Parliament; Oxford and Cambridge